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Pressure Cleaning is about a lot more than making things look pretty, but also contribute significantly to the health and safety of the general public.


Proper pressure cleaning requires knowledge of equipment, chemistry, and technique. Most pressure cleaning contractors in Perth use only high-pressure water to get rid of stains and dirt from the surface but that is not the total solutions. Concrete Resurfacing.


At Pro Pressure Cleaning Solutions we do not incorporate technicians with, “one chemical cleans all mentalities”. Our technicians have been formally trained, certified and educated on the composition of different types of surfaces.

We always Pre-treat stains and dirt with softening agents and detergent solutions and then pressure clean the surface. It is true that a cleaner surface will last a lot longer than the dirty ones.


Pressure cleaning the exterior of your home or business is the most cost-effective way to increase the value of your property and if you are planning to sell it will add at least 5% to 10% to the value of your home or business.


Hiring a pressure cleaning contractor in Perth can be a little tricky. Make sure the company you are hiring is fully insured and have an attention for detail that puts your property first. At Pro Pressure Cleaning Solutions we are fully insured for up to 10 million dollars for public liability. Why pressure cleaning?


Professional Pressure Washer and High-Pressure Cleaning Services Perth Wide

Our experienced team can provide a high-quality clean with our professional pressure washer services and cleaners. We use a range of pre-treatments, softening agents and detergents to provide a deeper, longer-lasting clean than water pressure cleaning services.


Our high-quality water pressure cleaning is here for you

Our pressure cleaners use the latest technology in our services and products across all of our services. This ensures that any job we complete is eco-friendly as well as efficient. We only use non-abrasive products that are great on the environment to preserve the state of the earth – and, what’s more, eco-friendly products are less likely to corrode or damage your surfaces. Make Cleaning Easy hire it out to professionals.


The benefits of high-pressure water cleaning are immediately evident. Your home, driveway, pool area or workplace will shine with a new found brightness.


We strive to provide a superior clean for your home, both inside and out. Each of our services is designed to be deep and effective, yet gentle, so as not to damage your valuable property. You’ll receive surfaces you will be proud of, ready to show off or to provide you with a calming place of respite.


Our pressure cleaner team also works outside the home

Not only do we provide professional stain removal and cleaning services, but we also complete concrete sealing and resurfacing. Through years of experience in the water pressure washing industry, Pro Pressure Cleaning has developed effective solutions to maintaining variously concreted and paved surfaces.


Your outdoor surfaces will be kept clean and tidy, and – most importantly – safe for everyone to walk on. Whether you have a tennis court you require services on, or want your driveway cleaned to perfection, our services are perfect for you.


Contact our water pressure cleaners for more information

If you think your home or business building is looking tired, contact our cleaners to provide a facelift. We will determine the perfect service for you, to give your whole home a deep clean.


We service areas across Perth and ensure that only the highest quality is provided at each job. Call us Today for an obligation free quote. Get ready to see the difference.


You can call us directly or you can request an online quote.