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About Our Driveway Sealing and Concrete Cleaning Services.


Here, you’ll find the best in house washing and concrete floor cleaning services in Perth. We utilize the very best equipment in the industry to give our clients home exterior cleaning services they can trust. Our B.A.R 4020 high-pressure washers dispense 21 liters per minute to effectively and efficiently clean your property. Our team cleans all types of hard surfaces like concrete, bricks, tiles, stones, timbers and other similar materials.

House Washing and Concrete Floor Cleaning Perth.


We have been providing quality services to Perth and surrounding suburbs for over 5 years. Our exterior house cleaning helps to maintain the look and value of your investments that you have worked so hard to obtain. Whether you are looking to simply maintain that new house façade or you want to increase the aesthetics of your home prior to sale, we can provide an effective service. Using the highest quality equipment, paired with our experience working with various surfaces and chemicals, we can provide a deep clean that renews the look of your property.


If you have a larger property, we are able to provide tennis court cleaning that maintains your court for a perfect match. Our tennis court cleaners are well-versed in creating a spick-and-span surface for you to play on, ensuring you’ve always got your game on.


You will be surprised by how quickly your property can transform with a professional pressure clean. An exterior house cleaning can be considered an investment. Your home will return to a cleaner, fresher look and in turn gain value. As well as our pressure washes and driveway sealing, our team offers soft washing services which are abrasive free.

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Throughout Perth and its suburbs, our cleaners provide a superior service that makes your whole property shine. From concrete cleaning services to tennis court cleaning, our cleaners will create a home you’ll be proud of.

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